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Nested Virtualization



Nested virtualization is the concept of creating AND RUNNING virtual machines from within a virtualized machine.

The latest version of Hyper-V that ships with Windows 2012 R2 can be tweaked to allow creating of virtual machines from a virtual machine, but the machines cannot be started.

A Windows Server 2008 or higher server hosted within ESXi VMWare vSphere can run the Hyper-V role to not only create virtual machines BUT ALSO ALLOW THEM TO RUN.

Using Remote Desktop Gateway Services with high-speed SSD storage and VMWare cloning, Authentic Intelligence is able to rapidly provision VMs that provide nested virtualization capabilities.

Through it’s partner network, Authentic Intelligence has the ability to scale this offering to support clients to meet the demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is nested virtualization?

Nested virtualization is the concept of hosting virtual machines within a virtual machine. This kind of environment is useful to trainers, developers, and anyone who needs to be able to quickly provision an environment of virtual machines to do training, development, or testing.

How is nested virtualization different from other colocation and hosting services?

In our model, ESXI/VMWare is the underlying operating system to host either ESXI or Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V machines that themselves can host virtual machines.

The advantage to this is that we can scale multiple Hyper-V Windows Servers on a single physical server that also can contain virtual machines. This is only possible by using ESXI/VMware as the base O/S since Windows itself does not support virtualizing within a virtual machine. I.e., you cannot run virtual machines inside of a non-physical Windows server.

This allows us to provide leasing of fully functional virtualization platforms with greater capability than those typically available through leasing a colocation provider which typically use dedicated physical machines.

What kind of environment does Authentic Intelligence offer?

Our environment includes 3 two-socket servers comprising 32 physical cores, over 300 GB of RAM, with 16 Fusion-io cards including 13 Duos providing 5 TB of high-speed PCIE-SSD storage (PCIE-SSD) . Authentic Intelligence has partners which will allow scaling the offering to more servers at additional facilities if needed to meet demand.

Environment includes continuous monitoring with redundant servers, storage, and high-speed (10GbE backbone) network. Each Fusion-io drive provides around 500 MB/s write and 600 MB/s read. Overall throughput on one server is only limited by QPI of 6.4 GB/s.  Even high-end SATA-III based SSD controllers do not typically provide more than 3 GB/s and high-end HBA SAN controllers are bottlenecked to  4GB/s.

How long does the server have to be leased?

A Hyper-V server can be leased for as short a time as 1 week or as long as a month.

Terms, Conditions, and Limitations
  • Offering is subject to availability of resources. At least 2 week lead time is normally required.
  • Offerings are not intended for production systems or production web hosting. They are intended for developer and training purposes. Services such as mirrored storage relevant for production hosting are not offered at this time.
  • No software media is provided. Client is expected to download materials and software needed for virtual machines relevant to their scenario.
  • The Hyper-V hosting server comes patched with the latest Windows updates. Access to the server is via a RDP gateway which also can provide remote access to nested virtual machines. No port other than 443 for the RDP gateway is configured.
  • Direct access to the Hyper-V machine from VMWare is not provided at this time. By default, group policy prevents Hyper-V VM shut down.  This is to prevent the client from accidentally turning off the Hyper-V VM with lack of access to start it. Authentic Intelligence will provide the ability to shut down/restart the Hyper-V host if requested. However, if client accidentally shuts down the Hyper-V host and requires a request to restart it, this results in a $75.00 surcharge.
  • For an additional $150.00 per week and $300.00 per month, End of day snapshotting (12 midnight EST) will be configured to allow recovery of the VM back to the last nightly state. On-request snapshotting and recovery is also available at a fee (#8)
  • On-demand snapshots will be provided within 6 hours of request for a $60.00 fee. Rollback to a snapshot is performed for a $30.00 fee.
  • Turn-around time for requests including on-demand snapshot or restart of host is 6 hours during hours of 9 AM EST to 9 PM EST Monday – Friday and up to 12 hours for requests occurring outside of these hours.
  • This list is for informational purposes only and not binding. A binding contract will be provided to the client that contains the comprehensive list of terms, conditions, and limitations before rending of services and prior to payment. The contract may indicate changes or additions from this list.







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