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Authentic Intelligence dynamically sifts through massive amounts of market data to find the most pertinent information

We maximize the value of human learning in a software

Data Security Solutions

Authentic Intelligence is capable to handle all your Data Security needs. We offer both the AI Vulnerability Assessment Service and the comprehensive AI-Protect Suite. Authentic Intelligence’s Vulnerability Assessment Service provides a unique solution for your business rather than simply providing your company with yet another generic solution. Our innovative AI-Protect suite is a comprehensive data security appliance focused on end-to-end security of data targeting the CIA triad identified by ISC2.

Enterprise Data Audit Service

The Enterprise Data Audit Service offered by Authentic Intelligence focuses on maximizing operational efficiency in the area of safe-guarding and optimizing the use of enterprise data. The service is based on a 2 prong approach that analyzes both technology implementation and business processes. The services focuses on the database systems that typically store high value information along with associated interfaces that utilize the data.


Trading Optimizer

Our Trading Optimizer (TM) technology empowers customers using a rigorous, scientific end-to-end investment management platform that consistently provides higher returns on investments


Due to increasing market and regulatory complexity with mandates such as EMIR, Dodd-Frank and FATCA, asset managers have to consistently demonstrate transparency and better disclosure to mitigate risk. A key element of effective risk management is to have a holistic view of information before investment decisions are executed. The ability to focus on core competencies and new delivery models that increase efficiency and lower total cost of ownership will differentiate fund managers from their competitors and help grow assets under management.”

Director, One of the Top Financial Research Analyst Firms