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The Enterprise Data Audit Service

The Enterprise Data Audit Service offered by Authentic Intelligence helps to maximize operational efficiency to safe-guard and optimize the use of enterprise data. The service analyzes not only technology implementation but also business process, focusing on database systems along with associated interfaces that utilize the data.   Why Authentic Intelligence Authentic Intelligence is uniquely equipped with expertise and experience to address the entire spectrum of enterprise data systems. Employees hold a wide variety of Microsoft and industry-standard certifications and distinctions. This includes Microsoft SQL Server master, .NET Developer, System Engineer, and Trainer certifications and industry-standard CISSP and CompTIA certifications. Staff includes individuals with over 30 years experience and former Microsoft employees earning achievements such as the Microsoft Team Foundation Server Ranger distinction and CPE Champion, Most Valuable Player and Outstanding Contributor performance awards. Continuous Improvement Approach

  • Critical gaps are identified across seven key process areas affecting enterprise data efficiency. This results in the identification of initiatives that target the gaps detected. Initiatives are performed iteratively to meet milestones generating a new baseline and fostering a continuous improvement cycle.



The service goes beyond just assessing areas, defining prescriptive solutions through a set of proven standardized initiatives as well as formulating custom initiatives specific to a client based on their unique situation. type=”1_2″>Chart1

Enterprise Data Process Areas

  • Monitoring and Measurement
  • Security and Access Control
  • Information Access/Data Integrity
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Development/QA Infrastructure
  • Technology Utilization
  • Throughput and Resource Utilization
Monitoring Framework

Ensure collection of all key metrics needed for meeting the information requirements. Integrate third party tools, automated processes, and policies to ensure accurate baselines measuring progress of initiatives across all problem areas.

Function-oriented Access Control

Ensure security is at the granularity needed to represent the business processes within the departments for appropriate access to data assets.

Disaster Recovery Planning and Setup

Ensure adequate backups of databases and related applications are maintained at a secure offsite location that can be restored for operation in another environment in the event of a disaster.

SQL Server Instance Optimization

Ensure appropriate server configuration with optimal provisioning and utilization of server resources.. Achieve higher database efficiency through instance consolidation, shared data aggregation, data cache reuse, and resource governance. Implement log shipping ,mirroring, strategic replication designs to relieve stresses of OLTP systems in parallel with building a low latency reporting infrastructure.

SQL Server Database Optimization

Automate database maintenance tasks for indexing and defragmentation to optimize storage utilization and responsiveness. Implement enterprise features for database compression, data quality services, and snapshot isolation to improve storage efficiency, promote data quality and improve throughput. Implement adequate data protection using suitable backup strategies. Ensure adequate security through mechanisms including Transparent Data Encryption (TDE).

Query Optimization

Identify and optimize information queries critical to the organization in conjunction with optimizing the hosting instances and databases. Utilize SQL Server Profiler and related tools to identify bottlenecks, refactor queries, and define optimal indexes.

Enterprise Collaboration Framework

Breaks down communication walls using an Agile/SCRUM mindset to focus database and applications effort on the business goals based on SMART criteria (Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, and Time-Related).

Team Foundation Server (TFS) Training and Deployment

Ensure optimal deployment and use of Microsoft Team Foundation Server for organizations with in-house software or database development efforts. Configure TFS to provide full life-cycle source code control, integrated project management, and quality assurance for reliable deployment of application and database assets. Utilize TFS Lab management to automate creation of virtual machines for QA testing as well as provide an environment for disaster recovery testing.

Data Flow Optimization

Perform data flow analysis to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in information flows. Eliminate inconsistencies and bottlenecks due to information silos or client centric data stores automating data consolidation into a central data warehouse. Remove inefficient and redundant data duplication processes and replace with a centralized data warehouse supporting cubes for analytics with predictive capabilities. Implement KPIs, visualization and reporting through SQL Server Reporting Services and Excel integration.

Database Technology Training and Strategy Formulation

Provide training to equip staff to meet operational and strategic challenges. Prescribe best practices for database design, implementation, and maintenance. Analyze emerging technologies such as HBase, Shark, Hadoop and others for integration of big data, cloud-based analytics, and non-relational databases into the enterprise data framework.

Virtualization Migration

Provide guidance for capacity planning based on virtualization with strategies utilizing storage technology options such as PCIE SSD, SATA SSD, SAN Cached SSD, HBA, and high-speed network backbones including InfiniBand. Develop strategies for high availability for Windows Hyper-V as well as ESXI platforms.

Master Data Management and Business Rules Enforcement

Identify metadata involved in various processes surfacing significant data key/value pairs which incorporate business logic. Simplify queries by utilizing master data management interfaces that encapsulate data configurations that represent business rules.

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